10 Common Diet Tips You’ve Been Lied To About

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3) Count your calories. Counting calories has turned into a craze in the recent years for those following a diet plan. However, just like with fats, calories from different foods will do different things for your body. 50 calories from an apple is different than 50 calories from a cheesecake. Calories found in health foods can provide essential energy while calories found in foods such as french fries — also known as “empty calories” — have no nutritional value.

Cutting too many calories can also put your body into starvation mode, which can slow down your metabolism. (Read article “Factors That Slow Down Your Metabolism”)

4) Eliminate carbs. While it is true that eating a lot of carbs found in foods such as white bread, white rice, or white tortillas can lead to weight gain and cardiovascular problems, there is no research that suggests healthy carbs found in whole grain foods, fruits, vegetables, and legumes are bad for you. Many studies actually suggest diets high in these types of carbs is associated with better overall health and wellbeing.

5) Eat gluten-free foods to lose weight. Again, there is no scientific research that suggests gluten is a fattening ingredient. The real problem is that we eat too many refined grains, such as white flour.

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