10 Common Diet Tips You’ve Been Lied To About

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6) It’s better to work out on an empty stomach. False. Skipping out on meals before an intense workout session can actually result in muscle loss. You’re body needs energy to burn during your workout, and the best energy would come from a light, healthy meal or snack. However, it is important to not overeat either since that could make you feel sick and decrease your performance.

7) Avoid the forbidden foods. You don’t have to take the all-or-nothing approach to dieting in order to get results. We tend to think that if we are on a diet we can never eat foods like pizza, french fries, burgers, or cake, however, with careful planning you can enjoy these foods in moderation — just not all in the same day. Research shows that eating these foods in moderation can actually help fight the urge to binge eat on these foods.

8) Don’t eat right? Take a multivitamin. The idea behind a multivitamin is to cover the gap between what you eat and what your body really needs. However, most multivitamins are made with synthetic ingredients, and the nutrients found in whole foods are far superior to anything you will see in most supplements.

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