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10 Common Diet Tips You’ve Been Lied To About

Dieting is a more complex concept than some people make it out to be. It isn’t always as simple as eliminating certain things from your diet, or tracking the amount of calories you eat per day. Nutrition needs to be balanced and come from

Is Microwave Cooking Slowly Killing Us?

It turn’s out microwave cooking may not only result in a shorter meal preparation time, but a shorter life span as well. It is hard to imagine a household without a microwave. According to The Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communication and Computation (SMECC), over 95% of

The Scoop: Best Time of Day to Take Protein Powder

Today, protein powder is a nutritional supplement staple for those looking to make fitness gains. During phases of intense exercise, muscle fibers are exhausted and take longer to recover. The soreness one feels the days following an intense workout are caused by the muscle