Bedtime Horoscope: What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Think deeply about the position you find yourself most commonly falling asleep in every night. Does this position say something about your personality? Is there a reason some people can absolutely not fall asleep unless they are laying a certain way? A recent study suggests that our body position say a lot about us, even when we are sleeping. In a study featuring 1,000 men and women by  Britain’s Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, a correlation was found between the subjects personalities and sleep positions.


These are the six most common sleeping positions


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What do these positions tell us about our personalities?

Let’s start out with the most common position, the fetal position. The study described those who slept in this position as being shy and sensitive at heart, but tough and confident on the outside. Although they are described as being shy initially, they tend to relax quickly, especially when well acquainted with the situation.

Next, 15% of those interviewed slept in the log position. How someone can remain in that position throughout the entire night is a mystery, but those who do tend to be easy going and sociable, generally trusting of strangers, and even too gullible sometimes.

Yearners are those who sleep with their arms stretched out while the rest of their body is on its side. Yearners tend to be open and honest in nature, are slow to reach decisions, and reluctant to change their minds when a decision is finally made. These people also seem to be cynical and sarcastic and have a tough time overcoming adversity.

Falling in at 8% of the participants were soldier sleepers; those who lay flat on their back with their arms to their sides. The study described these people as being quiet and reserved, setting higher standards for themselves, and avoiding of arguments and confrontations.

The free faller sleeper is characterized as gregarious and brash, confident on the outside, but “thin skinned” on the inside. Due to their thin skinned nature, this type of person responds poorly to criticism.

Only 5% of the participants were classified as starfish sleepers; those who lay on their back with their arms and legs sprawled out like a starfish. These types of sleepers were characterized as being good friends due to their unselfish nature and ability to listen empathetically and help out those in need. They prefer to be out of the spotlight and are usually unassuming and nonjudgmental.

How do you sleep? Does it match your personality type according to this study? Leave a comment below!

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