Roll Away Your Soreness: Foam Roller Benefits Are Endless

Image courtesy of AForestFrolic/ Flickr

Image courtesy of AForestFrolic/ Flickr

Foam rolling is crucial to the way your muscles bounce back from tough workouts, yet it is one of the most neglected aspects of fitness that is widely available. Most health clubs and gyms provide foam rollers as an option, but good ones can also be bought online for as little as $10-$15. Whether it is a sore back, a tight quad, sore calves, or any other sort of nagging muscle pain, a foam roller is an excellent tool to have at your dispense. You will have a great advantage from a recovery standpoint with regular use of a roller. Although foam rolling may cause discomfort at first while rolling out your muscles, the relief your body feel after the deep-tissue rolling therapy makes it well worth it.


Benefits of adding foam rolling to your workout routine

Personal massage therapist. That’s right, how would you like to be given a deep tissue massage every day? The “rolling” action of a foam roller helps remove knots and relieve pressure points from the muscle tissue. Although stretching is a great practice for keeping your muscles from being too tense, it does not provide relief from the deep knots that are built up into your muscles from intense training. This is where rolling steps in. Rolling out your muscles helps elongate and lengthen them, which allows blood to flow more freely for a faster recovery time. One of the best aspects of foam rolling is that you can control the speed, pressure, and spot of the massage. This is definitely a smart alternative to spending money to see a massage therapist every week.

Prevent injuries. As your muscles work harder without proper treatment they are exposed to all kinds of common injuries that can be a real pain to get rid of. As said before, foam rolling helps elongate and lengthen your muscles, so when your muscles become too tight they need relief that can only be found by a deep tissue massage. Blood flow and circulation to the tissue is immediately increased by reaching the area of knots built deep into the muscle. If done on a regular basis, foam rolling can eliminate or reduce the risk of most of the common causes of muscle pulls, strains, and ever tears.

Relief of stress. Besides relief of muscle soreness, what other reasons do people see a massage therapist for? The answer is stress. Besides being one of the most important aspects of overall health and wellbeing, stress relief is also one of the most important benefits of massage therapy. Spending at least ten minutes a day rolling out your muscles can provide relief to many of  the stresses caused  by deep muscle discomfort.

Versatile for other workouts. Foam rollers aren’t only used for muscle relief purposes, as they are commonly used as an aid for other workouts. One great alternative use for the roller is using it to improve core stability and strength by doing pushups with it on the ground.

Rollers are found in many different sizes and thicknesses that you can tailor to your body and targeted muscle groups. If you haven’t already done so already, consider adding a foam roller into your current fitness routine and listen as your body thanks you.

Featured Image courtesy of Tarable1/ Flickr